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Saturday, October 26, 2013

A trip to a foreign country will never be complete without trying out their most delectable cuisine. And where else can you find all of Malaysia's culinary delights all packed under one roof (a street, actually) but at Jalan Alor (Jalan is a Malay word for "street". Alor, on the other hand, means "small stream").

A food paradise not to be missed
Located in close proximity to Kuala Lumpur's shopping capital, Bukit Bintang, Jalan Alor is a hidden gem for visitors who want try a different taste of Malaysia. By day, this street is like any other street but by night, it is filled with people eating Oriental cuisine topped in an al fresco atmosphere.

Dining at Jalan Alor is a great escape from the pricey restaurants of the city as the hawker stalls here—most of them open before evening—offer a wide array of Malay and Chinese cuisine to hungry tourists under a reasonable price. Satay and chicken rice are two that are not to be missed when eating here.

Spend a few nights in Jalan Alor to taste most, if not all, the food from their menu (if you have that much time, of course). Perfect time to go here is around 7-10 in the evening.

How to get to Jalan Alor
Jalan Alor is a stone's throw away from the Bukit Bintang Monorail station. From the station, turn left and take a right turn once you reach KFC. Look for the smoke and smell the food permeating in the air—you won't miss it.

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In this series, I showcase all the good things in Malaysia and provide you with tips that you can use for your next travel to this country. Watch out for more posts in the coming weeks and feel free to drop some comments below. 


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