[VIDEO] Fire Dancers in Panglao, Bohol

Monday, June 10, 2013

Last month, I was out on a trip to Panglao, Bohol, together with my girlfriend and a few of my officemates. It was my first time to be in Panglao and I was expecting that it would be much like Boracay — a well-known tourist trap in the Philippines — where in all of the tourist mayhem, money comes fast to those who know how to build complex sandcastles and, in this case, spit a fine mist of fuel over an open flame to form a fireball.

In this video, a duo pleases the crowd as they show off how to do just that. To be morbidly honest, I was hoping to see someone who can set themselves on fire and can still dance while they're at it. Of course, the show was free (but donations were highly appreciated). I'm not complaining but until someone attempts to be Human Torch (intentionally or otherwise), my money stays in my pocket.

Addendum: For those interested on how to blow fire, here's an article I stumbled to while trying to understand how these people do it without catching fire.


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