Gastrointestinal Fortitude: Braving Palawan's Tamilok (Wood worm)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

If you're one of those people who are willing to try out anything during your trip, the tamilok is a must-try local cuisine of Palawan that will surely redefine your definition of exotic food. Sometimes referred to as "wood worm" because of its elongated shape, the tamilok isn't actually a worm but actually belonging to the mollusk/clam family that lives in mangrove areas to feed on its roots.

My first tamilok experience came right after our Puerto Princesa Underground Subterranean River cruise, when our tour guide brought us to Penao Restaurant and Cottages near the Purok Dalampasigan wharf for lunch.

There was a vendor at the restaurant selling Tamilok for PHP100.00 so my girlfriend, our friend Cheska, and I decided to try it out. Even Chris, a Swiss national slash Backstreet-boy-wannabe who was with our group, dared to try out the infamous dish of Palawan, too.

Judging by the way it looked when it was handed over to us by the vendor, we were squeamish about it at first and we were expecting ourselves to rush to the toilet right after eating it but it actually wasn't bad at all — rolls of toilet paper spared. We were all surprised that it tasted like talaba (oyster) although it's not meant to be chewed but rather swallowed whole.

The tamilok is prepared just like kinilaw (raw fish) and best eaten when dipped in vinegar with lemon juice, chopped onions, chili, and preferably with a camera with you. And the best time to eat it? Right after your Puerto Princesa Underground River cruise while the scent of bat shit still lingers in your nasal cavaties.

And while it has no aphrodisiac effect to that of a durian, it is still guaranteed to leave a long lasting impression to your partner that you  — in all your manly glory — are willing to eat anything raw — if you know what I mean. Bon Appétit!


Ryan Mach said...

Ha! Didn't have the heart to try this out because none of my travel buddies was interested, bummer! Hehe

The Lord said...

Sayang! It's a great experience! I hope next time you can eat it! And blog about it, too!

Donna Amis Davis said...

You are a brave woman! I found your blog while doing research for my blog post on tamilok. I didn't have the nerve to try it RAW. I'd like to link your post, if it is OK with you.

The Lord said...

Hi Donna! First of all, I'm a man! Haha. Sure, go ahead and link my post. Thanks a mil.

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