On Mackerels, Grilled Pineapples, and a Free Accommodation at Maribago Bluewater Resort

Monday, June 4, 2012

Expensive is probably one of the words you'd likely hear from someone when he/she mentions about Bluewater Resorts, and for a budget traveler like me, one would stay away from high-end posh beach resorts...unless you're one lucky bastard who got an overnight stay at Maribago Bluewater Resort  — for free.

With only a budget of Php 2,500 for two, my girlfriend and I decided to celebrate our 1 year and 8th month at Maribago Bluewater Resort last Saturday. I know — you're probably wondering right now how can two people enjoy the said place with only a budget like that.

But as one of my life mantras would say, "Traveling doesn't necessarily mean you have to splurge a lot." This post will tell you how we managed to have a good time while staying at the resort for almost a day and a half with minimal expense. I also left some tips below to help you enjoy your stay. I will also greatly appreciate if you can leave your questions, comments, or suggestions about the place (or of this post) below.