Weekend in Negros Oriental and Dumaguete City

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Traveling continues.

This weekend, I'm planning to visit Dumaguete City together with my officemates and with my girlfriend. It's been a year since my last visit and my friends told me a lot has changed ever since.

This time, I'm going to visit Apo Island for the second time and either Niludhan Falls in Bayawan or Casaroro Falls in Valencia (for the first time). For now, our itinerary is still in the preliminary stage of crap-where-to-go-in-a-limited-budget but here are some of the activities I'm planning for this trip:

  1. snorkling or diving in Apo Island;
  2. trek around the island; and
  3. conquer Niludhan or Casaroro Falls' current.
In case you have some suggestions for new places to visit, feel free to leave a comment below.


Makati Condo Rental said...

Very nice weekend there :)

Mustachio said...

Did you push thru with Niludhan falls? Pleaseshare info about how to go there and expenses. Looking forward to reading about your trip. Thanks!

The Lord said...

@Mustachio: Unfortunately, we did not push through due to time constraints. But it's still in my bucket list! Are you planning to go there some time soon?

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