Weekend at Cebu's Three-Tier Kawasan Falls

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Get There
From Cebu City, head to Cebu City South Bus Terminal (near E-mall) and board a non-aircon bus. There are two routes that you can take. One is from Cebu to Oslob/Bato then ride another bus going to Badian. The other one is from Cebu to Moalboal passing Barili along the way, which is the closest route (about 2 to 3 hours ride) compared to taking the 4-5 hour trip via Oslob-Bato. Terminal Fee at Cebu South Bus is PHP5.00 and the fare for the non-aircon bus going to Moalboal is roughly around PHP100.00.

Taking the shorter route, drop-off point is the town proper of Moalboal (look for the market). From there, you can take a multi-cab going to Kawasan Falls. You'll pass by the municipality proper of Badian and drop off at the Church of Matutinao, which is just along the highway.

Entrance Fee, Activities and Other Expenses at Kawasan Falls
Entrance fee to Kawasan Falls is only PHP10.00 per head but children below 7 years old can get in for free. A few hundred meters from the entrance, there is an open space where you can park your car (in case you'll bring one) but note that there's no security guard in the area. The area also has a lot of coconut trees so beware of falling coconuts. Park at your own risk.

Kawasan Falls is actually a three-tier falls varying in size. Each fall is distinct and certainly has its own charm. During my first and second visit at Kawasan Falls a couple years back, nothing much has changed but on my third, I got to visit what locals call as the "source" (more below).

Big Daddy Falls
After a 15-20 minute hike from the highway, you will reach the first fall. Adventure seekers as well as first-time hikers will find the terrain going to the first fall to be easy as you will pass along the riverside and a short uphill climb.

Aptly named by me for its sheer height and majestic beauty,  this is where you find most people in the area. Tourists/travellers can rent a cottage for as low as PHP300.00 or a room for people who want to spend the night in the area for as low as PHP1,000.00 and above. Rooms can fit up to 10 people and are provided with basic necessities like the electric fan — there's no TV though.

People can also ride the raft made of bamboo for PHP300.00 an hour and stay right below the fall where you can get a massage from the falling water.

Be careful though when you go for a dive or for a swim. A few people already died here. Locals say that the place is guarded by engkantos but I believe those deaths only resulted from their carelessness and lack of common sense.

Twin Falls
The second fall, which at most times, less crowded than the first, takes about another 10-15 minutes. The terrain is definitely rough for first-timers and I advise those with elderly or children to keep them by your side at all times. The rugged terrain includes mostly of steep climbs using the stairs made of rock and clay — be careful especially when it is raining because it can get slippery.

Cottages, rooms and bamboo rafts are also available for rent at the same price to people who prefer to stay here. Likewise, life jackets are available for rent for PHP50.00.

People also died here.☺

Sauna Falls
To reach the third fall, it takes another 10-15 minute hike from the second. The terrain consists of an uphill climb, which is a little rough, but the rest are mainly concrete and grassy pathways and some boulders in the river. You'll also pass by a small dam with concrete stairways but be careful since the water from the dam make it slippery. The stairways are also steep so get hold of something and hang for dear life.

Five small cottages are also in the area for PHP100.00 each. Fresh buko (coconut) is also cheaper here (PHP25.00) compared to those sold at the 1st and 2nd falls (PHP50.00).  There's no comfort room so you better empty your bladder before you visit here.

You need to cross the small bamboo bridge to get to the "sauna" or you can just swim across. This is perfect for people who want to take a dip in the cold water and relax after spending a lot of time and effort to reach here. There's also a small waterfall where you can bathe and have a soothing massage.

Mountaineers/hikers also pass by here occasionally since Kawasan is a famous exit trail from OsmeƱa Peak.


Check my other post about my encounter with the whale sharks at Tan-awan, Oslob. If you have questions or feedback about Kawasan Falls, feel free to leave a comment below.


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is it feasible to go from oslob whale watching then to here in just a day?

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This is amazing. I really love Kawasan Falls and the second tier. First one is just crowded and all.

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