Last night, I was alone, played with it and found it dripping wet.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I slide my finger deep within your crevices, slowly filling every inch of your existence. I close my eyes, feeling the wetness as your sweet juice run down my fingers, dripping with your warm, thick fluid.

I stop. I twist my finger and find your sweet spot.

"Crap, you're tight."

Thumb goes in. Slowly but surely, my finger slithers all the way in. You react with a burst of fluid coming out from God-knows-where. A tear drops from my eye.

All of a sudden, I'm in ecstasy. Both of us. Reaching farther, I flick my finger as you gyrate and succumb to the intruder causing you unparalleled satisfaction.

My finger finally finds it.

Yes. Slowly, I play with it and without a moments notice, out comes my booger.

Don’t we just all hate having sinusitis?

[NOTE] The blogger was all by himself last night and is currently down with a severe case of sinusitis. Symptoms include forming/molding animals or just about anything with his booger. Any medication will most likely cure his sinusitis but artsy delusions will most likely remain.


LG be said...

Kahit sa mga simpleng bagay ay nagagawa mo pa ring maging nyakers! hahaha! Get well soon brew!

L.A. said...

Hahaha welcome back, brew! I will be on sick leave starting this afternoon. Hopefully, ok na ako bukas. Gusto mo hawakan daliri ko, brew?

Anne said...

Kaluod ani na post, L.A oi!

Flo said...

Kaluod is right. x.x

L.A. said...

@Flo & Anne: Peace! What's luod? We all do it.

Anne said...

we get colds and cough yes, but I dont do it like you do! ewww!

L.A. said...

Exactly what?

Rayster said...

LOL! Nice one.

eRLyN said...

haha nakakaloka ah!

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