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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This is just a quick rant on my Valentine weekend. I spent my weekend in Bohol and stayed in a cheap hotel where I got the chance to brush elbows with couples who also stayed in the same hotel and who were pretty much in the festive mood of lovemaking.

Normally, I don't care if I see two people showing and expressing their love and affection in public but shagging each other like cats in a hotel with rooms separated only by thin slabs of plywood definitely crosses the line between what is entertaining and what is scandalous. Sure. It was entertaining, at first. I mean, what are the odds of hearing two complete strangers squeal all for the glory of love? But squealing in the middle of the night – when other people are trying to get some sleep – you can’t blame me if I shove rags in their mouths, right?

Worse: After carefully listening, I heard two man voices from the other room. All ye who hath inquisitive minds, go figure!


Lynn said...

You poor thing, LOL.

L.A. said...

LOL, Lynn. Ang malas ko.

Anonymous said...

you get what you paid for? lol. pinakinggan mo pa kasi!

L.A. said...

Unfortunately. :D

Flo said...

Two men. Hrm! That, is actually something I would like to hear. Hahaha.

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