Overrated Visions of a Blind Seer

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh hai there again, Villar! It seems you never fail to catch my attention with your plastic smile, robotic pose, ever glorious testicular fortitude and all. You see. I am starting to get pissed by your ads on TV. And God, even when I sleep, your campaign jingle is stuck in my head. You did a pretty good job!

And your promises. My. You seem to promise too much. Housing for every Filipino. But I'm not asking for a two-storey Alabang House nor additional traffic enforcers (Wait, you said police officers? K. Noted. But those ain't like police officers to me.)

Question remains: Do I want my country to be guided by a blind seer whose visions are overrated? Hell, no! Ang trapo mo, Villar!


Nicole said...

So who are you voting for?

Lord Allen said...

Either Gibo or Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Sana talaga hindi manalo si Villar on 2010 :( For me it's either Gordon or Noynoy.. Why Noynoy? Because he has the integrity.. kung magnakaw siya, aba.. mahiya siya sa parents niya 'di ba.

I'm also rooting for Gordon e.. kasi napaganda niya yung Subic ng bonggang bongga during his time :) Hmmm.. I still don't know eh, mas nangunguna sa polls si Noynoy than Gordon.. and this time gusto ko naman manalo ang iboboto ko so most probably it's Noynoy for 2010. :)

Just an opinion lang naman. I agree with you I don't like Villar. He's obviously desperate to win.

L.A. said...

At least we have something in common. We both hate Villar. Gibo, Gordon, or Noynoy, better than the rest, IMO.

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