If Rustom thinks he has the biggest transformation of all time, that retard should think again.

Monday, January 11, 2010

It’s finally twenty ten and a lot of my wishful thinker friends started their own resolutions slash plans slash whatever so I might as well join the bandwagon and start making my own. But then again, it got me thinking on what to do this year. I do not have plans. Do you? Do I need to have a long list of plans? You tell me. I don’t make plans simply because I know that at some point in time this year, I will not follow them at all -- which brings me to a conclusion why the hell am I writing this post.

It’s called free writing.

Anyway, so instead of writing a long list on what to do, what to expect, and other what-tos, let me just promise you one thing – the one thing I think I’ll be doing for the rest of the year; otherwise, I’ll end up like a hot air balloon inflated with nothing but hot air.

In this post, my friends, I am promising to myself a complete makeover – the one that will bring Rustom Padilla, who thinks he/she/it has the best transformation of all time, on his/her/its knees and whine. And no, idiot, I am not gay but it has something to do with the way I look. And hell, it’s not a facial reconstruction either.

I am assuming that you read one of my previous posts just as 2009 was about to end. Let’s just say that this year, I chose to remain a glutton. Yes, my dear. I’d be continuously stuffing my body with food. And I mean lots of it.

This year, I humbly proclaim to myself that I will be bigger – horizontally and vertically. This year, I will be different. This year, Rustom will go down. You hear me? You’re going down. And move over, fcking Jacob Black! (Gad! I hate that movie.)

Recently (and when I say “recently”, it means I wrote this post with a severe case of muscle sore), I enrolled in a gym with hopes that my body would increase in size (except that part which doesn’t need an increase of size anymore). I know it will not be easy. No pain, no gain – as they always say. So twenty ten, for the love of God, be gentle on me.


renin said...

So this is why you've been plurking "off to the gym" lately...

GO! GO! GO! for a better-looking body.


L.A. said...

Thanks, Renin. :)

Sonia said...

L.A., you don't have to use the R word in public anymore, but somehow, 'cause you're off the cuff and your humor is sickishly funny, it's still cool. lol. good to have you back. haha, isn't it ironic that i commented here, and not on the other one? LOL

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