Why are you in a hurry...Wait, here's a penny.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Back when I was much smaller, I used to go around our neighborhood together with some of my trusted friends to annoy our neighbors. You see, it's only during Christmas that I can be much use to my friends.

Christmas caroling was our favorite pastime. Dota was non-existent. Internet was also never heard of. We'd go out. Find small pieces of rock. Amateur voice lessons. Try to look innocent. And sing our hearts out. Earn 25 to 50 cents per household and divide the earnings among the group. This was my life aside from getting chased by dogs.

Twenty years passed by.

A few nights ago, I had to stop eating my dinner to find out who the hell was trying to wake up the other neighbors. They turned out to be young kids who were gathering outside our boarding house. And then, there was a brief moment of silence. Kids were talking to each other. Seemed to be agreeing on something. Then, wham! "We wish you a merry Christmas (3x) and a Happy New Year!" Arms extended. Asking for money.

"Holy sh*t. That was it?," asked myself.

You see when I was at their age, I mastered the art of begging during Christmas and I did it with flair. I did with so much flair that I could always go home 10 pesos richer. But times have passed. Things changed. It's not only grown-ups who are in a rush. So are the kids.


Anonymous said...

"ang pasko ay sumapit.... merry christmas po"
-a lot worse here than there XD

LOL, chased by dogs was a life? LOL.

haha, I KNEW IT!!! You're 30-ish! internet was non-existent when you were young. LOL!!!!

Sonia said...

yep, things have changed. caroling used to be fun. and carolers used to really entertain. :-p But hey, who can blame them for wanting to make a quick buck?

L.A. said...

@Denise: 30, your face. :p Yeep. Dogs love me.
@Sonia: Indeed.

renin said...

Indeed, youngetrs nowadays do not practice their carolling repertoire. Most do not know the right lyrics. *sigh* But I give them credit for their confidence in singing loudly (or is it reciting?).

25 TO 50 cents? Well, during my days the minimum amount we receive from each household is one pesos... Hmmm... pwede talagang gawing basehan sa pagtaya ng edad yung halaga ng Piso at kung ano ang mabibili sa halagang ito sa "kapanahunan ng isang tao". LOL

L.A. said...

@Renin: LOL. Back then, 25 cents can buy a piece of gum.

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