The New Friendster Still Remains to be Full of Crap

Friday, December 4, 2009

By now, some of you may have already noticed about the new changes in Friendster -- that is, if you still have your account. But for those you of who decided to cancel their Friendster accounts eons ago (I know, I should have deleted mine but I guess I'm afraid I'll miss those freakin' jologs asking for testimonials.), well, your decision was right. That I tell you.

So what's new in the land of Emos and Jologs, you ask? Well, aside from the change in its logo, Friendster also rebranded to a more hippy-type user interface (but still looks like crappy. Sorry). Other new features in Friendster are the following:

The Friendster Wallet

"Along with the Friendster Gift Shop, we’ve launched the new Friendster Wallet enabling you to store money on Friendster in a currency called “Friendster Coins.” It can be spent throughout Friendster’s site for gifts, and new, upcoming goods and services. You’ve told us you don’t have a credit card, so the Friendster Wallet supports prepaid “top-up” cards, which can be purchased at readily-accessible convenience stores such as 7-Eleven. You can buy physical pre-paid card at thousands of offline locations throughout Asia with cash, and then enter the unique code from the card into the Friendster Wallet to receive the money into your account. Then users can make purchases on for gifts, games, goods and services." - Friendster
Friendster Gift Shop
"Now you can send gifts to friends quickly and conveniently. The new Friendster Gift Shop helps you show your friends that you care – and show off the special gifts you receive in return.

There are a variety of gifts in the Shop already and more will be added over time. All are accompanied by a note, allowing you to add a personal message. And the best part, when gifts are sent, they arrive wrapped for the recipient, which makes unwrapping the gift more fun and exciting just like the real thing." - Friendster

Improved Photo Uploading and Viewing
"We know viewing photos and sharing them with friends is one of your favorite things to do on Friendster, so we’ve improved the entire photo experience. You can now upload 1,000 photos a day and we’ve made photo comments more prominent, so sharing thoughts with friends around photos is easier." - Friendster
Okay. So, Friendster may have changed its interface, added new features, and focused more on the yuppies but my verdict? Friendster will always be Friendster. It will never be like Facebook or any other social networking site (SNS). I hate to burst Azrael Coladilla's bubble but Friendster will NOT be the next big hit.
“It will be the next big hit and for my prediction, people will go back to Friendster, while other late blommers will go to other SNS. But hearing from Ben Dunn the big change, I just saw the future of SNS.” – Azrael Coladilla, Azrael’s Merry Land
Growth of Facebook in Asia

Friendster had the chance before but they were already too late. People already shifted to other SNSs and are enjoying their stay on those sites. Why bother using Friendster when they are just copying other growing social networking sites? Clearly a deliberate but futile attempt to gain back they have lost.

So Friendster, you don't deserve to be bookmarked -- not even to be in my browser's history .


Ade said...

You actually noticed those new functionalities? Didn't even see them!

Nicole said...

Did you cancel your account na?

Anonymous said...

That is so funny. I personally know Azrael XD

yeah, jologs pa din ang friendster. too late for them.

L.A. said...

@Ade: I saw their so-called "new" features but I didn't bother to test it out. Is it even functioning?

@Nix: No not yet. Like I said, I'll miss receiving "k0yaH gAwA mO kOh tiSti pLzzss."

@Denise: You know him? Sssshh. XD. So how about your FS account? Still active?

agentmax said...

true... they lack the innovation to make people stay...

one thing that made me leave the fs.. is because of all the dummy accounts viewing me and asking me to visit their websites..

L.A. said...

@agentmax: ....and inviting you to view their cam because they'll show their boobies daw. Yes?

kat said...

i agree. they can't seem to reach the level of sophistication that facebook has. i feel sorry that after all that work, they still fail to impress. but hey, there are still people who are still stuck in the friendster-jurassic age.

Anonymous said...

Well as for me Twitter is better than FB or Friendster =) I don't know maybe I just got fed up with all the games Facebook has. However what I liked about Facebook though is their mobile-to-Internet technology such as posting status updates and uploading photos straight from your phone. ;)

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