The Endless Battle between Kiko Matsing and Elmo Finally Comes to an End

Thursday, December 10, 2009

You see, my brother and I were exact opposites since we were kids. We were entirely different. It was as if both us were in the same spectrum but with different wavelengths. He was different. I was different. He's well-built. I was and still is physically deprived. I excelled both in academics and in other extra-curricular activities. He was the average. He was mischievous. I was sane. But he's good-looking though. Well as for me, let’s just say that my mom would always subtly tell me that some women “don’t go for looks”. Go figure.

Sometimes, my brother and I would exchange roles back then – taking part in being the “black sheep” in the family. I even bullied him around, too; taking things that matters most away from him – even the girl he liked. Yes. My ex-girlfriend was his crush back then. He was just simply head-over-heels but I would just laugh at his futile attempt to talk to her. And you guessed it right. I stole her away from him. (Crap. I was that harsh?) Of course, I am the KUYA and kuyas, whether you like or not, are supposed to always reign supreme over the inferior broodlings! (Okaaay, that’s it. I’m harsh.)

So anyway, my brother always dreamed to live or to study in the States. In fact back when we were kids, he would watch Sesame Street while I prefer to watch Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing (Ate Syena, matigas na yung saging ko!) in Batibot. So, you see? We’re different.

But if there was one common thing that we got from our mom, it would be her assertiveness. My family could never afford to send him to study or to be exiled in another country but my brother never stopped looking for information in the Internet to the point of spending the rest of the night in our print shop in Davao looking for scholarships in the Internet – the sweet and glorious Internet. That’s when he learned about the Philippine-American Educational Foundation (PAEF) scholarship and applied.

And guess what? Just recently, my brother finally got his scholarship grant to study International Business in Brigham Young University in Hawaii. The lucky bastard.

But you know what? The more I see our differences, the more I come to accept that even though we are different, we both have one thing in common. Putting our differences aside, we are both dreamers. We have one thing in mind: excellence. Excel in the best way we can.

So to my brother who’s leaving right after Christmas, do your best! Make us proud! Bring home the gold! Send dollars! Don’t talk to me in English when you’ll call! Itaas ang bandera ng mga Hernandez! Whatever. Just make your k0YaH proud, you dimwit! And send me chocolates.


Anne said...

I remember when I was accepted at BYU Hawaii after high school; I was more than thrilled. But apparently, plans changed and decisions wavered way even before i set foot on that foreign country. Now, knowing that your brother is going there makes me happy. We both know that the school and it's standards is incomparable. :) Cheers!

Urban gurU said...

i envy your dimwit broodling. *clicks on link for chances of getting a scholarship abrooooooooooooood*

am currently waiting for the details of a possible scholarship for taiwan next year. hay buhay.

kat said...

How do these things happen to some people?? lucky bastard indeed.

Are people our age qualified to get scholarships like these? been wanting to study in a design school abroad, but of course i can't because it costs a fortune to do that.

tsk. sucks.

renin said...

Siblings are perfect examples of the nature and nurture controversy---they share lots of similarities yet their differences are prominent...

Lucky for him to have the chance to study abroad (please give him two thumbs up and a pat on his back)...

P.S. 1 You, harsh? I think (based on what I read in your blogs) what you have then (and now?) is an inflated male ego (lol)

P.S. 2 Yeah, right, I think you're sane enough to make blogs worth reading and certified humorous too (at least for me). Cheers!

Anne said...

and it's BRIGHAM dear. Not BRINGHAM.. :p

L.A. said...

@Anne: Haha. Sorry. Changed it already. Thanks!
@urbanguru, @kat: Try the Fullbright scholarship.
@renin: Thanks, renin! LOLd at your P.S. 1

God bless!

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