The Super-Mega-Ultimate Guide for Pest Control

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The household mouse is one of the most cunning and the cleverest creatures in this planet. They eat anything from wood to cheese to underwear, which makes them the worst pest for any household but no matter how cunning or clever or how their bodies are built for destruction, inside that body is a small brain, and just like any creature, they have a weakness and that, my friends, is FOOD. They will do anything just to stuff their god-forsaken bodies with food. So, I wrote this guide for you guys to show them who the real boss is and who should reign supreme over the other. (I deserve the Nobel Prize for this.)

Anyway, here are the things you need:
1 bar Kit-Kat (as bait)

1 Baygon fly trap

10-15 minutes of your patience

L.A., I already have all the things I need. What should I do next?

1. Peel one Bagyon fly trap and arrange the now two sheets of fly trap side-by-side.
2. Place strategically in places where mice would most likely prowl at night (Hint: Locate where most mouse shit is dropped and no matter how appealing it may look, do not touch it if you want to live)
3. Place the bait (a bar of Kit-Kat) nice and dandy at the middle of each sheet. Sprinkle small crumbles of Kit-Kat around the fly trap. Make it seductive for the mouse.
4. Leave the trap.
5. Wait. Watch TV. Sleep. Anything. Just do anything. You will know if you successfully caught a mouse if you hear squeaking sounds. For the mouse, the squeak is like calling 911– calling other mouse for help. The more mice you will catch, the bigger your grin will be.

L.A., you are so great and I caught them all but what the hell should I do with the mice?

Disposal is probably the most challenging part of any pest control. You can throw it in the trash or if you are one if those green-minded freaks, burying it as compost is a good way of helping the environment but, personally, watching them burn is one of the most gratifying things any pest control method can give you.

This guide claims to be the cheapest and the most effective way of pest control and works best for the most common pests in our country. Results may vary. Ktnxbai.


renin said...

Aren't you patroniing brands? hehehe...

Anyway, this enrty is timely. I dunno the reason, but rats seem to thrive during cold months. As christmas carols are played, rats run and screech. They are annoying and frightening (they may bite my toes while I'm sleeping).

As for the bait, I may use left over bread or meat instead of kitkat. The kitkat will be for my tummy! ^_^

Do you think what you mentioned is effective to get rid of her too?

L.A. said...

Why not let your meowth do the pest control? Bread crumbs will also work!

I'd do anything just to get rid of her.

memoirs on a post-it said...

I was just thinking about going to the store and buying a mouse trap, but this looks like a better idea! Palit nalang ko Kitkat haha!

Anonymous said...

Hmm maybe kitkat is what's missing on our mouse trap.
I dunno but the rats in our home doesn't seem to decrease in numbers even if we set up traps once we see those fugly creatures in our house.
Will try kitkat the next time.
Thanks! Ur blog rocks!

L.A. said...

@Anonymous: Hi. Yes. Try Kit-kat. It worked for me. Thanks for dropping by!

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