Commemorating the Dead By Means of Doing Forced Laundry and Facebook

Sunday, November 1, 2009

So, today’s All Souls’ Day…or is it All Saints’ Day? Never mind. Bottom line here is I’m stuck in the boarding house. To top it off, my labandera is missing in action. I was forced to do all the dirty work earlier. Right. Thanks, manang.

Fortunately, Nicole's kind enough to share a modded version of Opera Mini (with a few minor tweaks). This means I can surf the Internet using my phone via WAP. And holy sheet, access is FREE! So hey, I don’t mind if I’m stuck in my boarding house and stare at the ceiling grinning like a fucknut as long as I have Facebook (mGa k0Ya’t aTi, aDd nY0 p0h AkUh).

For those schmucks who will ask for the link to this wicked app, Google is your friend.

For my long-departed ancestors, hey, I haven’t forgotten you. In fact, you are all in my mind as I am writing this post … and so are these pictures of Olivia Munn I am currently downloading.



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