Why, Hello There, October! Thanks, September, for Ondoy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I guess you’re wondering why I had to thank September for Ondoy. Believe me. I was wondering myself why I had to at first. I’m not going to join the bandwagon found around the Philippine blogosphere about posts talking about how devastated they were during the freakin’ typhoon nor write about who’s to be blamed nor write about how to survive a croc attack during a flood. No. I’m through with that. I already swamped my Twitter account with calls for donations, rants, raves and other stuff about Ondoy (including the croc in Pasig and Jacque). I gave away my used clothings, gave away my one day’s budget for food to Globe Telecom, and even slashed my budget intended for a short vacation 2 weeks from now. Shit. Maybe I should consider running for public office instead. Anyway like I said, I’ve even done my share of pointing fingers and laughing at our lousy government officials, praising GMA for her relenting effort and unquestionable desire to help the poor and the needy, and etcetera.

While I was being patriotic and at the same time thought how Ondoy f*cked up the lives of my countrymen, I still have to thank Mother Nature for Ondoy. Call me crazy or insensitive or whatever you may want to call me but, if we can only take a look on the lighter side of things, we can see that despite this epic tragedy, there are lessons to be learned – lessons, in which everybody must learn from.

So, Ondoy, here’s a tribute to you. Because of you, at least, I:

  • Have seen how great and noble our politicians are in times of crisis. Machinery. Financial resources. Man power. And even the GUTS to campaign during this time. Politicians never fail to amuse me;
  • Realized that the taxes I pay were able to buy a dozen rubber boats. Good job, Gibo! For heading a NATIONAL council, a dozen rubber boats were truly enough to cover the places that were affected by Ondoy. Many people were saved because of your rubber boats! Gibo for president;
  • Applauded GMA’s unquestionable desire to help the poor and the needy at the height of the typhoon. Thank you for always being there for them;
  • Learned that hell hath no fury like Mother Nature scorned;
  • Affirmed that Vincent Van Gogh was right when he said that “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together”;
  • Learned to appreciate every small random act of kindness;

These being said, I’ll end my blabbering by leaving you guys with a statement from an American who lives here in country who witnessed how Filipinos rise from this tragedy.

“I wish you all could see the amazing community spirit, charity and compassion in the Phils. What I see happening here totally blows away the response to hurricane Katrina. People here have less to give, yet they’re giving ABUNDANTLY. There’s such a greater story than just the ‘death toll’ that the lame american media fails to capture.”


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