Varying Hues of Motherhood

Monday, October 5, 2009

Yesterday marked another milestone for three promising students of Dumaguete when they won in the poster making contest sponsored by the City Government of Dumaguete thru the City Social Welfare and Development Office and the City Family Week Steering Committee in celebration of the National Family Week with the theme “Si Nanay Matatag sa Lahat ng Bagay” at the Dumaguete Press Club Ground, Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City.

Basically the said activity aimed to give importance to the family as the basic unit of society. The participants from different Dumaguete high schools and the out-of-school youth also portrayed the importance of mothers and their influence in shaping and molding the children, the family, and ultimately the community.

So I was at the contest venue judging the works of these young Vincent Van Goghs when three art works caught my attention.

The entry of Mark Lester Nero from Silliman University depicted nanays‘ important role in protecting and providing basic needs of a child. Done in craypas, Mark creatively showed why mothers deserve to be called Ilaw ng Tahanan.

However, Mark’s entry was overshadowed by Erika Mayo’s artwork placing Mark in 3rd place, which proved that there are also promising artists from St. Paul’s University. Her entry, which was also done in craypas, creatively and artistically showed a simple masterpiece but can be interpreted to have a deep meaning on the subject matter. Erika’s own rendition of Mother and Son depicted that mothers are like mountains that provide protection, nourishment, and unconditional love.

Armi Martinez from Negros Oriental High School, on the other hand, grabbed the 1st place. Her winning entry showed that mothers are the real champions in every aspect in the family. From budgeting to household chores, mothers clearly have a great influence on the upbringing of a child and in the holistic growth of a family.

Armi, Erika, and Mark received a cash prize of Php 2000, 1500, and 1000, respectively. A consolation prize of Php 200 were also given to the rest of the winners. To the winners, congratulations and keep up the good work! Pa-cheese borgor naman kayo mga koya at mga ati.


Erika Alexza Mayo said...

thanks for your blog sir.
the contest was months ago, but i just read your blogpost today when i was looking for random things on google. arent there any pictures during the contest?

-erika mayo

Erika Alexza Mayo said...

and hey, i reposted your blog post on my tumblr account :)

L.A. said...

Shoot. The pictures were here before. Anyway, I'll edit this post.

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