My Stand On Climate Change

Thursday, October 15, 2009

So a while ago, I joined Blog Action Day. To my understanding, it's a ballyhoo to have all the bloggers worldwide to make a stand and raise awareness about a certain issue. This year: Climate Change. I've read some blogs on how they can raise awareness and all that jazz and none of them (from the blogs I've read) concentrated on what they can really do or what they are doing to curb climate change. Some of them blamed the government and our politicians, talked about the Kyoto Protocol, and all that stuff. Hey I can practically google all about climate change, I don't need those stuff na.

But we're obviously missing the point here. Making a stand isn't just throwing all the facts about climate change. One of the bloggers noted: "People have grown tired listening about climate change, etc." Maybe we are. We love to complain but we don't really do anything.

Okay. I will spare you from my holier-than-thou platitudes. So anyway, what can I really do about climate change? I've been using body deosprays from quite some time already. From what I heard, they contain this certain thing which harms the ozone layer. Crap. I forgot basta there's this thing inside these sprays that can damage that layer. Ah basta yun na yun. Perhaps shifting from deobody sprays to deo-lotions can make a difference. So, there. This is my contribution. How about you? What can you do? Participate now.


Meikah said...

Is it the CFCs? (chloroflourocarbons) - yeah you have very good point. The question should be, "What can I do for climate change?" :) I implied it a bit. =)

dimaks said...

HI..coming from RJs blog on "blog action day". Just like a sticker that i see almost everyday on most motorcycles and tricycles, "every drop counts".

have a nice day!

Meikah said...

P.S. The thing about sprays, is I think aerosols? LOL.

Anne said...

yeah, deo sprays contain aerosols that may harm the Ozone.. :)

L.A. said...

@Meikah: Thanks for the info! CFCs pala yun.

@dimaks: Thanks for dropping by.

L.A. said...

@Anne: Be sure you do part okay? I'll wait for your post.

L.A. said...


RJ said...

thank you for your contribution @porsche! :) buti na lang i don't use deo, lol! :)

i wrote that post 12mn, sleepy and delusional, hence missing the "what can i do?" part.

point taken, will dedicate a whole new post about that, for you. cheers!

hey dimaks, thank you for the blog promotion! :D

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