My Dear, Enunciate

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guess what. I took my final exams in our Advance Software Engineering class last Saturday. I won't tell you how bad I did because I know for sure that I did really bad. But I ain't going to rant about the exam just yet.

You see. Sometimes, I do forget things – the worst part is not having a pen right before taking an exam. So right before I had to give in to misery, I had to buy a pen at a local convenience store right beside our college. I asked Inday for any available pen and asked her how much.

Inday said, “Sex, sir.”

“Ha? Ah, six.”

My dear, inasmuch as my species would want to hear indecent proposals from complete strangers, please enunciate properly so you won't be giving out the wrong signals, okey enday?


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