I Was About to Make Love in the Toilet But Shit Smiled at Me Share

Monday, October 5, 2009

Did it ever…

Hold on, pervs. Sorry. No sex involved. Continue.

So did it ever happen to your miserable lives in the toilet that you are so full from a heavy lunch that you needed to release your anger in the toilet then all of a sudden, your 36-24-36 board mate’s floating shit smiled and said, “Hi, honey. There’s still room for ya. Wanna join?”

F**k! Like I’m gonna dump my crispy pata in the clogged toilet!

This happened to me yesterday when my a-hole was just about to explode mercilessly right after my boardmate used our CR and unloaded her sweet-smelling-oh-so-yummy choc’late coco puffs.


Okay, I’m calm. Really. I am.

But for the love of whoever or whatever god you may have in your Nursing life, pleeeeease, dimwit, flush the toilet! And by the way if we happen to use the comfort room at the same time (Don’t worry I won’t look. I’ll just bite.), let me introduce you to our toilet buddy – the TRASH CAN. Darling, that’s why people made those so you can throw your sanitary napkins there.

Congratulations, baby! At least you’ve earned my attention. Now, I’ve got my eyes on you.

And since we’re talking about toilets, here’s a video I took inside Ocean Jet.


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