Contrary to my neighbor's popular belief, my front lawn in not a COMFORT ROOM

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Okay. I understand that this week starts the semestral break. During this time, students start to congregate in every gimmick place (disco houses, bars, coffee shops, etc.) around town. But, you see. There are also some who prefer not to go out. Instead, they would stay in their houses and celebrate. Sex, booze, drugs and so on. Name it. They do it in their homes!

"It is essential to college life", my friend says. Yeah, riiiiight! Tell that to my parents.

So last night, my neighbors decided to celebrate and parteeh. Their pimped motorcycles boomed with party music – Paradiso Girls, Pitbull, and my gad, even the batchu batchu of the Wondergirls. Their tables were filled with food and drinks – Red horse, Tanduay, and Angelica’s The Bar. Tagay sa kanan. Tagay sa kaliwa.

Typical post-semestral college life.

Crap. And I just sat there. Alone. The number one loser.

And so while I sat outside our boarding house and watched them enviously from afar, lo and behold, drunken dude went straight to our fence and – voila – opened his zipper and out came this thing.

OMGSHT. He peed in our bush and right in front of me!

You f***ing bastard! Hey! I do understand that alcohol can cloud the judgment of partyphiles like you and make you unaware of the people around you but dude if you’re going to take a piss, do it in the confines of your own comfort room and not in public! Crap. And I forgot to tell you. Koya, you might want that stick of yours check out. Surgery, perhaps?

God, save the bush! And my eyes!


Ade said...

Wala syang urbanidad!

reninlagrio said...

Sem break? isn't it too early (or the studes here will have a very late one)...

Anyway, being drunk isn't reason enough to pee in public places (this is common knowledge, but is not faithfully observed)

Have you tried posting "bawal umihi dito tao, aso pwede"? (from bawal utang, bukas pwede)

L.A. said...

They don't read. Two months ago, we posted, "wag magtapon ng basura dito." None of them followed. I love my neighbors.

barefoot_maldita said...

Oh no... sorry you have to see something like that. When are you going to graduate? Wait 'til you join the workforce, maybe then you'll get a dose of how to partay! You're going to get tired of it eventually ehehehe.

Saka, love your neighbors more lol, jowk.

L.A. said...

@Barefoot: I already graduated, ate. And I just had my dose of how to partay last night. Hehehe.

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