Confessions of an Admirer of Fat

Monday, October 5, 2009

I am guilty.

I love women who can outstandingly bring the best out of themselves despite their size with chunks of flab and all. This was another epiphany brought by talking to a friend who is about to get married to someone who is, uhmm, fat. So I’m not like any other guy who falls for Olive Oyl or has a thing with women who have bodies made for the billboards in EDSA. Now, is there a problem?

Sadly, our society today instilled in our minds what an ideal woman should be. From cover magazines to TV advertisements, a woman who is thin, probably with blond hair, ginormous breasts, 6 footer, fair complexion, is considered to be beautiful and because the society placed this standard, a lot of women nowadays go on a diet, buy beauty products, or worse, do plastic surgery – a complete physical makeover. A living Frankenstein, as I like to call them.

Look. I have nothing against these women who go on plastic surgery or who go on a diet or who buy beauty products. Really. I don’t. The fact that these women have seen their self-established flaws apart from what they see on TV or in the magazine and by acknowledging these flaws and the very fact that they are doing something about it, well, you just have to admire them. At least these women have the balls to do something about it. It’s not wrong to want to feel good. Everybody wants to feel good. Even myself wants to feel good.

I’m just bothered why other women should conform to this standard, why some women mourn over their excess weight after eating a few boxes of chocolate, why some women frantically worry about their zits and why they need to spend thousands of moolah just to be “ideal” — to look “perfect” for others.

The world is a big place and not everybody is the same. For every shape and size, there’s got to be someone who will find it attractive. Being fat or being chubby is not entirely an imperfection. In fact, I love them. I love being loved by them. I love to cuddle them. I love their chunks of flab. I love the warmth of their embrace. I just love fat women. My point here is simple. It doesn’t matter if you or other people think you are fat or chubby or whatever you/they want to call it.

It’s the confidence that exudes in every fat woman that makes them truly attractive.


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Anonymous said...

Hello, I stumbled upon your page through my ex-roomie's (outdated, inactive) blog. Apparently, she linked your page and if she did THAT, yours must be worth the read (I have high regard with her taste). And lingaw jud diay. I'm referring to your anything-under-the-sun posts (though your travel posts are equally well-written). I like the way you write huhu haha nindut jud bitaw. I like your humor and your sentence construction is so sexy haha..

Anyway, I'm commenting here (kay di ko kafind ug private msg diri) because not that I'm secretly fantasizing about you but it just so happens that I'm kinda slim so yehh, there's that.

Kana lang, just wanted you to know because I was really amazed when I discovered your page, and you and how we're like nearby and how everything's sort of interrelated. Mejo creepy lagi nohh haha.. Have a good day!

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