Basta Driver, Talagang Sweet Lover

Friday, October 16, 2009

This startles me.

It seems that my luck never runs out when it comes to having unusual pedicab drivers. That's part of living in a small town, I guess. Last week, I shared to you guys about pervy manong pedicab driver. Well, guess what? Yesterday, the gods bestowed another creepy pedicab driver. No. Unfortunately, he did not turn out to be as perverted like the one I had. In fact, yesterday's driver was the domesticated and discreet kind.

Here's the story. I was going home after work when I rode this pedicab. There were already two people inside - Inday chimay and her broodling (her alaga) who were also going home from school. For no apparent reason, Inday chimay and manong pedicab driver started to talk like they've known each other for years. Of course, who can resist Inday chimay's face radiating with chin chan su?

"Okay. Maybe it's love at first sight.", I said to myself.

So, these two were sharing stories and laughters. Inday's tambuchingching and I just sat there and listened to their conversation when all of a sudden, the pedicab driver started to sing Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven.

"OMFG. Manong's making THE move."


Okay. While I do admire people showing off their talent, manong pedicab driver's an exception. You see. I hate it when I get caught in between two people flirting with each other; worse, singing to each other! Gad, I even felt that I was riding BANG BUS (for the curious mind, google is your friend).

Manong, okay, you have the voice. But you had me as well. Please spare me from your intentions next time.


Anne said...

why are you sooo bitter anyways? isnt it a wonder how people always misconstrue libido as love? :)

L.A. said...

LOL. I dunno. Shit just happens, I guess.

Sonia said...

Chill, at least they weren't arguing. I hate that. :-p

dimaks said...

next time, prepare a song too, haha.

L.A. said...

@dimaks: I will. I will. /facepalm

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