Admiring Manong’s Testicular Fortitude

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two weeks ago, I rode a pedicab along with two fine bebots going to downtown Dumaguete. I sat in front of these bebots and so I had 180-view of the entire pedicab. I noticed that the manong pedicab driver kept on staring at his mirror. At first, I thought that manong pedicab driver was just following the basic rules in traffic by looking in his rear-view mirror from time to time. Talk about responsible driving.

A few minutes gone by and, still, manong pedicab driver kept on staring - oftentimes with eyes glaring – until a hint of sarcastic smile drew in his face. Aha! Right then and there, I knew that there was something special about manong pedicab driver. Manong pedicab driver did not care about obeying traffic rules. Manong pedicab driver had chameleon-like eyes with one eye on the road and the other on the ladies. In fact, pervy manong pedicab driver was busy watching the ladies’ crotches all along! Well, at least, he wasn’t watching mine.

So, these two young ladies finally told pervy manong pedicab driver to stop near Chowking along Perdices Avenue. I didn’t mind as those two fine ladies went out of the pedicab. I had my eyes fixed on pervy manong pedicab driver. But pervy manong pedicab driver’s eyes were no longer fixed on the two bebots’ crotches. No. Pervy manong pedicab driver’s eyes – at that angle – were staring at the two bebots’ asses!

I just couldn’t help but admire you.

And so now that his eyes had nothing else to fix on but the road, pervy manong pedicab driver and I pressed on with our journey. Every second, every turn of the pedicab, and even every stare of pervy manong pedicab driver at me, was torture.

Pervy manong pedicab driver became mute. So did I. Suddenly in that 3 minute journey alone with my pervy manong pedicab driver, at last, he opened his mouth and began his ancient teachings. Of all things that manong pedicab driver and I could possibly discuss, manong pedicab driver talked about Oral Sex 101 and how busy he was watching those two unfortunate bebots. Pervy manong pedicab driver also talked about his sexploits.

You see, up to now, I still wonder why he ended up being manong pedicab driver. Pervy manong pedicab driver could have been a great teacher. As he discussed, I realized that not only he has chameleon-like eyes, he was also ambidextrous. With one hand driving the pedicab and the other demonstrating the actions done during S-E-X (Gad. He's as good as those friends I had, in terms of demonstrating, when we were still living in the slums.), pervy manong pedicab driver is, indeed, THE master of all masters.

I left the pedicab stunned. Never did I expect that my journey going to Jollibee was going to be a one hell of a ride. To you, oh great and all-knowing pervy manong pedicab driver and to the people of your kind, thank you for making my 10 minute pedicab ride truly memorable. I admire you and your testicular fortitude to flaunt your perversions in public. Really.


Nicole said...

Maayo gani wala ka gitripan el. Hahahahaha. Ew.

siyetehan said...

basta driver......

mabuti hindi kayo na aksidente. :D

Anonymous said...

manyakis na driver!

mountain top experience said...

normal na yata yan sa mga drabyer (at sa karamihan ng mga kalalakihan).

baka naman kasi naka short shorts yung mga bebot kaya naengganyo si manong

agentmax said...

may gali kay dli pervy BI pedicab driver si manong.! lols anyway.. nice story

LG be said...

And so you met one just like yourself L, only he's living your future if you don't stop being pervy yourself. LOLz! =)

L.A. said...

Hahaha sira ka Kaks. Welcome back!

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